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A bit about Rob

Rob Berk is a prominent figure in the pinball community known for founding Pinball Expo, the first pinball collectors show in the hobby. In 2021 he was recognized by the Guinness Book of  World Records as having the longest running pinball show. With an extensive collection of vintage machines and a passion for sharing his knowledge, he has become a respected authority in the industry. Rob’s contributions have earned him recognition and respect among pinball enthusiasts worldwide. Rob is the visionary and founder of Past Times Arcade.

About Us: A Pinball Journey Like no Other!

Meet Rob Berk, the visionary behind Past Times Arcade, a haven for pinball and arcade game enthusiasts. But Rob's story is more than just the owner of an incredible game collection. It's a journey through time, fueled by an unshakable passion for silverball wonders.

Rob's love affair with pinball began during family vacations to Florida. His dad's tradition of taking the kids to the arcade sparked the fascination. Hours spent playing games like a 1948 United Baby Face pinball machine at Alfies on Alton Road in Miami Beach ignited the connection.

College life at Kent State University in 1972 was a game-changer. Rob stumbled upon a room filled with pinball machines, sparking his desire to collect these machines, particularly from the 1960s. His first purchase, a 1969 Williams Post Time, marked the beginning of a collection that now boasts over 750 pinball machines, spanning all eras.

Rob's love for pinball didn't stop at collecting; it birthed something more profound—an idea that would alter the course of pinball history. Enthusiastic about pinball's history, artists, and designers who brought joy to players, he dreamt of celebrating their contributions. And so, Pinball Expo was born in Chicago in 1985.

Pinball Expo was the first-ever exposition dedicated to honoring the industry's legends, the visionaries behind these iconic games. Seminars featured luminaries like Alvin Gottlieb, Steve Kordek, and Norm Clark. There were exhibits of vintage and modern machines, parts, and grand banquets.

What started as a one-time celebration became a Guinness World Record holder, recognized as the longest-running pinball exposition globally. Pinball Expo continues its tradition of paying tribute to the past, celebrating the present, and offering a glimpse into the future of pinball. Pinball Expo is open to the public and it's an amazing event for the whole family. For more information about Pinball Expo, check out the website at 

Join us at Past Times Arcade, where Rob Berk's passion and dedication have created a space where nostalgia meets innovation, and the spirit of pinball lives on.

Welcome to Past Times Arcade, where every flipper flip and high score is a part of this incredible journey.

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