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Your one-stop-shop for all tournaments past and present here at Past Times Arcade!

Upcoming events!

Past Times Mega Match Play Tournament.png

Registration will be live HERE January 27 at 2pm

Waitlist will be available upon sellout

Saturday March 23 (Qualifying)

Sunday March 24 (Playoffs)


200% TGP

IFPA Certified Boost to 250% WPPR value

Highest value event ever in Ohio!

Cash prizes across 3 skill divisions! 







$60 Total Cost per player - paid upon arrival

 ATM available on site



20 Rounds of Group Match Play

Balanced groupings (not Swiss)

Balanced game draws

7/5/3/1 scoring in 4 player groups

7/4/1 scoring in 3 player groups



- Significant ties on the qualifying cut line and bye bubble will be played off on a randomly selected game from the Old/Mid categories

- Seeding ties will be broken automatically by number of 1st places, number of 2nd places, etc

- Perfect ties for seeding will be broken by a coin flip or random number draw



A Division 

 - Top 24 qualifiers (Top 8 get a first-round bye)

B Division

 - Next 8 highest qualifiers (IFPA Top 500 ineligible)

C Division

 - Top 8 qualifiers of the bottom 25% IFPA ranked players in attendance



"PAPA Style" Group Elimination Format

3 Game Rounds

4/2/1/0 Scoring

Available games will be split by era - Old/Mid/New 

High seed chooses one game from each category

A player may not choose the same game in consecutive rounds

Turn order is then chosen in descending seed order

Top 2 players from the group advance to the next round

Ties to advance played on a randomly selected Old/Mid game




10:00am - Doors open / Practice time

10:45am - Announcements

11:00am - Qualifying begins

~2:30pm - 30 minute break after Round 6

~7:30pm - 60 minute break after Round 13

~12am - Qualifying ends, followed by any critcal tiebreakers



10am - Doors open for Check-In / Practice

11am - First Round begins

~1pm - Quarterfinals begin

(short lunch break)

~3pm - Semifinals begin

~5pm - Finals begin

7pm - Latest estimated ending time


(Playoffs rounds estimated 1.5 - 2 hours each)



Determined by the number of participants

EXAMPLE: 100 Players (full field)


  $3000 Entry Fees

   -$100 Trophies (champ of each division)

   -$100 IFPA fees


  $2,800 Total Prize Pool



  1st  - $500

  2nd  - $300

  3rd  - $250

  4th  - $200

  5-8  - $100 

  9-16  - $50 

  17-24 - $30 



  1st - $120

  2nd - $80

  3rd - $60

  4th - $40



  1st - $80

  2nd - $60

  3rd - $40

  4th - $30



- Approximately 40 games from the collection will be selected for tournament play only

- Lineup will include a balanced representation of eras in the collection (EM, SS, DMD, LCD)

- Arena list will be posted on at least two weeks before the event

- Games will be split into Old/Mid/New categories in a logical way for Playoffs only

Past Events

Experience the fusion of pinball and golf in PinGolf at Past Times Arcade! Picture this: you'll navigate through 18 exhilarating pinball games, each with unique score or objective challenges. The twist? You must complete each objective within just 5 balls. Can you master the strokes and curves of the silverball greens? Tee off on this thrilling pinball adventure and see if you can conquer the PinGolf course like a true pro!

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